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Thus we lived APIdays Mediterranea 2014

Los más bromistas ya tienen su aplicación para el día de los Santos Inocentes

Escolapp, the app that is reshaping communication at schools

Arrabe Asesores consultants' app, one of the '100 best ideas' of the magazine Actualidad Económica

Let everyone see your Carnival costume with Carnavalea

CIAF trust in Solusoft to upgrade to smartphones their trade ordering system

ESCOLAPP wins the Audience Award in Challenge Apps

We attend to Esri GeoDev Meetup in New York

Esri Spain Conference 2013: GIS and maps

Android, more context-aware than ever

Miramusei avaliable for Android, the new way of visiting museums with your smartphone

How are the mobile apps of the future?

How can mobile apps help SMEs?

The mobile technology of the future at a glance in the Mobile World Congress

Networking Dead: our first app for Android Wear

SiteMApps update the Web

rescueME Lite New version

Bringing out the social side of mobile apps on The App Date CO

tweri, one of the best e-health mobile apps in Spanish

tweri Alzheimer Caregiver in now available in Android Market

tweri, one of the best e-Health apps also for Melodía FM radio

Jorge Ruiz: "We want to do our part in the fight against Alzheimer's with tweri"

tweri, awarded with the jury's Special Price in The App Date 2011

We talk about Tweri in the Spanish broadcaster Gestiona Radio

tweri at the III National Congress of CENTAC about accesible technologies

The new Tweri lands in the app markets

One year helping people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers with Tweri

tweri on Road, now avaliable on iTunes and Google Play

We share a sneak preview of our new project on the World Radio Challenge

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Arrabe Asesores integrates the first Distineo mobile application for iPhone

Nivea optimizes its sales force with an app for tablets

Escolapp. Mobile solution for communication between parents and educational centers

FlyerSI, find geolocated offers from your smartphone

Improve the planning and safety of your mountain trails with Safemountain

iSantana Cardio, monitor cardiological results from your iPhone

Miramusei, interactive museum guide for Android

Sisley improves the efficiency of its sales force with a mobile "app"

New Fundéu's app promotes the correct use of financial language

Enquiries about the use of Spanish in the new Fundéu mobile app

The City Council of Móstoles encourage citizen involvement with an "app"

Maitours improve the management of its transfers service with a new mobile app

Warehouse Management integrated with ERP Nexus in Maybrina

New design for the new app of Arrabe Asesores

Order management with smartphones for CIAF

rescataME, SOS mobile app

Carrying football results to mobile apps with iDalgo SDK

Test Náutica, the app that helps the students of Cenáutica prepare their exams

Tweri On Road, the mobile app for road trips

Urbagis, web app for managing fire risk prevention

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'APIs for Mobile Solutions. Context-Aware Apps: a business of the future' APIdays Mediterranea 2014

'Undertaking development: APIs Inferno' APIdays Mediterranea 2014

Interview with Sergio Alcalde in Esri Spain Conference 2013

Interview with Jorge Ruiz in Esri Spain Conference 2014

NavChair: navigation and autopilot for wheelchairs

Tweri achieves the Special Prize from The App Date's jury

How do you use tweri Alzheimer caregiver?

tweri Alzheimer caregiver, in La Sexta news

Tweri in the Spanish TV program 'Para todos La 2'

Events List

XXVIth Spanish Congress of Geographic Information Technologies

APIdays Mediterranea

Codemotion Madrid 2013

Empire Startups Summit

Everis Foundation Entrepreneurs Award: Second event assessment

Business Breakfast: app developers, business and mobile advertising

Mobile applications: How do they help us to improve our business' productivity?

Mobile World Congress 2014

Presentation of the report on the best e-Health Apps in Spanish

Adapt your app to iOS 7. Don't let Apple curb your business

Technological breakfast with solusoft. How to get visibility on the internet

The Challenge Cup NYC

Biocultura 2014