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Nivea optimizes its sales force with an app for tablets

The company has provided to the team work an application for tablets developed by solusoft, in order to improve data collection at the point of sale and further analysis.

Mobile App for Nivea
Mobile App for Nivea

"Managers Point of Sale" of Nivea are professionals who are responsible for collecting data in the different stores where the brand products are sold to control in detail the positioning. In order to ease this task, the company relied on Solusoft to develop in collaboration with Esri Spain an application for tablets that allows them to unify the data on one server.

This tool, which integrates Esri ArcGIS Online technology, streamlines the process of gathering information from the "Managers Point of Sale", as it saves them time and allows them to capture data easily through a series of questionnaires evaluation that support text and images. This task don't requires no internet connection.

The data collected in the establishments are sent to ArcGIS Online platform for detailed analysis with a Business Intelligence tool which gives complete daily reports that will serve to outline the Nivea sales strategy that best suits consumer needs of each area, based on the information obtained.

Thanks to this application the company not only improves productivity and working tools of it workers, but also the business strategy of the firm based on the trends derived from the daily analysis of the data.

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