Source: 10 November 2014

The new Tweri lands in the app markets

The mobile app for people with Alzheimer's disease has released a new update with new functions and a brand new design that improves user experience.

Tweri, the mobile app that brings independence to people with Alzheimer's disease in its first stages and peace of mind to their loved ones and caregivers, has renewed itself.

This new update, which can be already downloaded from both Google Play and the App Store, allow the users to enjoy an improved user experienced, a re-invigorated design and complementary functionalities.

To make its use easier, we have reduced the sign up process to just three steps, avoiding the annoying endless registration and configuration forms.

Together with the new image and a simple intuitive use, Tweri has now new functionalities that complement the already existing ones. In the first place, the new Tweri now allows the caregiver to track the affected's route through GSM triangulation, a way to tack routes with a mobile phone through its GPS network.

Secondly, the caregivers may now accede remotedly to the affected's location and alerts from a web dashboard available in Tweri's website. Moreover, the frequency of the alerts now can be also adjusted by the caregiver.

One of the most remarkable new features is the option of including an image in the screen that the affected will see in his mobile phone during tracking. This way, anytime the patient feels disoriented or suffers a memory loss, he will quickly identify, for instance, the caregiver's face on the screen and will push the button.

And all this improving also the life of the battery during tracking.

Tweri is and will be totally free, both for Android users and for those ones who have an Apple device.

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