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Test Náutica, the app that helps the students of Cenáutica prepare their exams

Cenáutica, a leading company in nautical training, has launched a mobile application developed by Solusoft that enables its students the access to a large number of tests to help them obtaining their degree.

Test Náutica, the app for nautical training.
Test Náutica, the app for nautical training.

The Spanish company leader in training of boat captains, Cenáutica, relied on Solusoft to develop a mobile application that aims to help its students prepare for their navigation qualifications through test and specialized contents.

Cenáutica has 35 years of experience in the field of training for navigation and diving and has been able to take advantage of the potential of new technologies to boost its business. In its eagerness to always be at the forefront of its sector, the company decided to invest in mobility applications to offer its students (new, old and potential) a tool to help them preparing their exams and reinforcing their knowledge.

The result is Test Náutica, a free mobile app available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, which provides users with quality content related to navigation and diving qualifications, in addition to a large number of tests with standard questions that allows students to practice for the test.

In addition, Test Nautica has a Premium mode, which allows users to access additional content and a greater number of tests.

To develop this application, Solusoft has taken advantage of the extensive database and questions of Cenáutica in order that the students of the company can access all the contents in a simple way and from any place.

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