Source: 1 October 2014

We attend to Esri GeoDev Meetup in New York

We fly to New York to talk and learn about the latest in GIS technology, like the new mobile apps developed by solusoft to make outdoor work easier.

Last week we attended Esri's GeoDev Meetup in New York City. Organised all over the United States, this events gather GIS enthusiasts to share, talk and learn about the latest developments in geographic technology.

During GeoDev Meetups some of the participants have the oportunity of sharing their projects with the rest of the attendees in the lightning talks, something that Sergio Alcalde, Head of our R&D Departament, did.

The most international member of our team told the attendees how solusoft designed the new smartphone apps for Android and iOS devices, which take mobility to maps exploitation and geographic information.

With the aim of making work easier for their users, solusoft has taken care of user experience keeping an eye on every detail, focusing on how do users face their work and environment, specially when they are outdoors.

The final result joins all the tools needed by these professionals in just one device: GPS, photo camera, compass, notebook...

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