Madrid - 2014 Sisley Spain

Sisley improves the efficiency of its sales force with a mobile "app"

The cosmetics company has introduced into their teams a mobile application developed by solusoft, which helps sellers in the gathering information about their activity on the point of sale.

Sisley mobile app.
Sisley mobile app.

Sisley is a french company that is among the leaders in high-end cosmetics worldwide. One of his strengths, in addition to the excellent quality of its products, is its careful attention to the client.

The brand is characterized by the its specialized sellers, who are tasked with advising clients to help them find the Sisley product that best suits their needs from among all those available.

These sellers carried a detailed log of their activities with the aim of analyzing the business of the brand to anticipate changes in direction and new trends in the industry in terms of consumer behavior.

So far, this task was done with pen and paper, but Sisley Spain is a company that is constantly evolving and has been able to see the many advantages of betting on mobile technology. For this reason, the company has trusted solusoft to develop an “app” that will allow their sellers making data collection more easily and efficiently.

With the implementation of this tool in their work methodology, Sisley professionals save time when completing registration, which allows them attending to a larger number of customers. Additionally, all data collected through the “app” are sent to the central to be analyzed in real time.

The interface of this mobile application has a very careful design that resembles the physical support on which the vendors were carrying out this task so far, with the difference that includes all the advantages offered by new technologies.

Thanks to this mobile “app” developed by solusoft, Sisley Spain optimizes the work of its sales force, improves efficiency and performance of the sellers and modernizes its brand image.

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