Source: solusoft 28 June 2012

tweri on Road, now avaliable on iTunes and Google Play

This new application wants to provide peace of mind to relatives and friends when the user is traveling by car or motorbike

tweri on Road is a new mobile phone app which aim is to keep the peace of mind of all those relatives and friends whose beloved ones are on a road trip. With tweri on Road installed in their smartphone, drivers might not have to use their mobile phone while thei are driving to tell their beloved ones in which point of the journey they are.

This can be done in two ways. With the first one tweri on Road will automatically send an e-mail attaching the user's location, who will establish the time between one warning and another. The driver can also decide when to send the warning by pressing a button. In both cases the person that the user decides will receive an e-mail with the driver's location and a link to a map.

tweri on Road will also send an e-mail when the smartphone notices a long stop of the user, attaching the last position detected by the device. Moreover, if a fault occurs in the tracking device, it is possible to communicate that problem and the last known position.

tweri on Road also has a speedometer with which the driver can set a maximum speed and, if it is exceeded, the application will emit an audible signal to warn the user. The speedometer can also be used with a mirror mode, which will show the speed reflected on the windscreen by placing the mobile phone on the dashboard of the car.

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