Source: Melodía FM radio 9 April 2014

tweri, one of the best e-Health apps also for Melodía FM radio

The morning radio program, conducted by a famous Spanish hostess, highlights tweri as one of the best mobile e-Health solutions.

tweri en Melodía FM.
tweri en Melodía FM.

tweri is still making people talk. This time it was during the program of the famous Spanish hostess Nuria Roca in Melodía FM radio, which named tweri as one of the best e-Health mobile app.

Sara Ramos, who usually talks about apps during the morning program 'Lo mejor que te pueda pasar' -'The best thing that can happen to you' in Spanish, examined the 50 best e-Health apps in Spanish report pulished by The App Date to extract the four best mobile e-Health solutions.

After talking about IntolerApp, Doctoralia and Emergency First Aid Guide, Sara Ramos left tweri as grand finale for her section. She surprised her colleagues with the characteristics and functionalities of tweri and, at the end, the radio speakers showed their enthusiasm with a short applause. Do you want to hear it? Here you have the fragment (In Spanish).

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