Móstoles (Madrid) - 2015 Esri

The City Council of Móstoles encourage citizen involvement with an "app"

The inhabitants of this town can contribute in urban maintenance thanks to the 'app' Mejora Móstoles, allowing them to send suggestions for improvement directly to the City Hall.

«App» Mejora Móstoles.
«App» Mejora Móstoles.

With the launch of this mobile application, the City Council of Móstoles improves its relationship with citizens and opens the door to a more direct communication pathway that will allow users sending suggestions for urban improvement in real time.

The "app" Mejora Móstoles, developed by solusoft for Esri, is another step on the road of the city to become a Smart City. With the introduction of this tool, the local administration aims to promote citizen participation in urban maintenance, and improve the efficiency of public services.

Through this mobile application, Móstoles residents may submit recommendations to the City Council in real time thanks to Esri's ArcGIS Online technology.

To do this, users will only need to mark the exact place that needs to be reformed in the integrated map of the "app", attach a photograph of it, select the type and add a small description.

After sending the notification, citizens can request information to know the state of their suggestion, and view the history of recommendations. Furthermore, once solved the incidence, users who had reported it will receive a notice in their devices through the "app".

The interface of Mejora Móstoles, which features a careful design, is very simple and intuitive as it is designed to facilitate the user experience.

If you are a resident of Móstoles you can download the "app" for free from Google Play and Apple Store.

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