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Download Tweri, Alzheimer Caregiver, of Google Play

Download Tweri, Alzheimer Caregiver, of Google Play

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Would you like to stay calmed when your relative with Alzheimer's disease is out for a walk? tweri is a mobility solution which offers peace of mint to caregivers and freedom to the patient in the early stages of the disease.

Any patient with Alzheimer's disease can live his life out of his home and doing his daily tasks normally only by having a smartphone and tweri Alzheimer caregiver installed on it, while his family and caregivers are calmed.

For whom is Tweri?

This application is a solution for families and caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease in the early stages of the disease who want to improve the autonomy of the patient and keep calmed while their relative is out for a walk

How does tweri work?

Tweri Alzheimer caregiver is a mobile application that works on iPhone and Android phones.

Once downloaded the caregiver may establish safe limits for the rides that the person with Alzheimer's can give, based on a maximum time you can be out and a maximum distance radius.

When the patient goes for a ride, you only need to activate the application. By the time the safety limits are exceeded, the application will automatically send via e-mail an alert to the caregiver or the person established, attaching the latest geographical position obtained by the device.

In addition, the patient can alert the caregiver at any time by pressing a button even without having abandoned the established boundaries.

Peace of mind for families

tweri Alzheimer caregiver can alert the caregiver even when the phone runs out of data or GPS connection, or even if the battery of the mobile phone is dead. This is possible thanks to the server software, which provides mechanisms to alert the caregiver when certain time has passed since the patient has moved off and has not sent notice of its position.

Disponible en las tiendas de aplicaciones de Google y Apple

La aplicación tweri Alzheimer caregiver puede descargarse en el Android Market de Google o en la App Store de Apple de forma gratuita por un tiempo limitado.

Premio especial del jurado en The App Date 2011

Durante la edición de 2011 de The App Date, espacio de referencia, conexión, investigación y creatividad sobre las aplicaciones móviles, tweri logró alzarse con el premio especial del jurado.

De entre más de 60 candidatas, la aplicación de solusoft fue la que se alzó con este reconocimiento, otorgado por un conjunto de reconocidos profesionales del mundo de la tecnología y las comunicaciones, entre ellos la periodista de El País Rosa Jiménez Cano, el desarrollador de Ablah, Juan Carlos Gonzalez y Mikel Lejarza Ortiz, presidente de Antena 3 Films.

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