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Enquiries about the use of Spanish in the new Fundéu mobile app

Fundéu BBVA, the Urgent Spanish Foundation, has updated its mobile app which now has an improved user experience and a more up-to-date and attractive design.

The renewed Fundéu mobile app.
The renewed Fundéu mobile app.

Efe news agency and BBVA bank created in 2005 the Urgent Spanish Foundation -Fundéu BBVA-, a non-profit organization that, with the help of the Spanish Royal Academy -RAE-, encourages the correct use of Spanish among the media.

Fundéu aims to be a useful tool for all those who use this language and want to do it correctly. To achieve this, Fundéu publishes every day recommendations and answers to users' enquiries in its website as well as in its mobile app. This way users can easily search for words, read recommendations, share them in the social networks and send their own enquiries through their smartphones.

In order to offer the best service, Fundéu decided to update its mobile app adding certain improvements, which were finally developed by solusoft. As a result of this work, the new application has improved its user experience, therefore, searching for recommendations and sending enquiries is now much simpler and more intuitive.

This mobile app has also a renewed design, which is more modern, clear and in line with Fundéu image and, at the same time, more attractive in the user's eyes.

But not only this, the recently released update also provides a much quicker and smoother running even during data loading, feature that has been optimized.

Do you want to test it by yourself? Download it now for free from the App Store on your iPhone and also from Google Play on your Android phone.

And if you are still searching for the perfect mobile app for your business contact us and we will help you.

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