Madrid - 2013 Flyer the Cloud of Deals

FlyerSI, find geolocated offers from your smartphone

Now you can find the most interesting and closest offers to you using your smartphone, wether it is Android or iPhone.

FlyerSI, encuentra ofertas geolocalizadas en móvil y web
FlyerSI, encuentra ofertas geolocalizadas en móvil y web

Imagine walking down the street and your smartphone warning you about the closest and most interesting offers and promotions. Do you like the idea? With FlyerSI now it is possible.

The startup Flyer the Cloud of Deals conceived this idea and, with the help of the computer consultancy solusoft, created a mobile and web information system that allows, on the one hand, the companies to publish their offers and promotions and, on the other hand, the users to find this offers, but only those ones based on their interests.

This service has been created around FlyerSI website, from where users can explore and follow their favourite businesses, look for products, companies and offers, subscribing to labels or checking the ranking of popular companies. Companies can also publish their offers and ads, including textual, graphic or geographic information.

Thanks to the system in which FlyerSI is based, users will only receive those informations, offers and promotions according to the tastes and preferences chosen by themselves. This way, FlyerSI avoid the glut of ads in contrast to other platforms. 

You can download FlyerSI for free for Android or iPhone smartphones. To start you just have to download the app, you won't need even signing up, that is only necessary if you want to follow businesses or saving offers.

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