Barcelona - 2008 Maybrina Cosmetics

Warehouse Management integrated with ERP Nexus in Maybrina

The solution which allows you to manage your warehouse from any place with your mobile phone.

Maybrina Cosmetics is a company engaged with the wholesale and retail of all kinds of cosmetics, beauty and hairdressing. From its warehouse in Barcelona, Maybrina serves multiple orders to all Spain every day.

With the aim of improving agility and reducing errors in preparing orders, Maybrina decided to enable our Warehouse Management solution,with wich their workers now can manage every order with mobitily devices.

This is possible because of its integration with ERP Nexus. There are two applications:

  • The desktop application manages orders and picking orders, which are released for their preparation.
  • The web application for mobile devices collects and distributes the products included in orders.

The most prominent features of this storage management product are:

  • Viewing sales orders that have been introduced in the Nexus ERP and select which of them will be prepared in store.
  • Managing the collection and distribution of products through a mobile device with a barcode.
  • Displaying the progress of the picking orders whenever you want.
  • Generating of invoices for picked up and distributed orders in the Nexus ERP through NAX.
  • Inventory management.
  • Receipt merchandise Manager.

Maybrina managed to improve its order fulfillment cycle, controlling all of it from the ERP. From then on, the productivity in the warehouse has been higher and the merchandise returns for errors in orders.have decreased.

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