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Improve the planning and safety of your mountain trails with Safemountain

Safemountain allows mountain enthusiasts to plan their trips and improve their safety with their iPhone providing information about the characteristics and conditions of the route.

Safemountain, la aplicación más segura y completa para aficionados a la montaña.
Safemountain, la aplicación más segura y completa para aficionados a la montaña.

As news about the rescue of mountaineers and hikers proliferate, mountain routes earned themselves the adjective of dangerous. Nevertheless, many experts agree that if problems like the lack of planning and information were solved, most of this rescues would not be necessary.

Facing the time needed by enthusiasts of these activities to plan their trips, the company of location and navigation Geko NavSat decided to count on solusoft to create a mobile solution that solved this issue for the Spanish Mountain Tourism Cluster.

Having information about trails both online and offline together with the possibility of informing and being informed about unexpected events by other users turned Safemountain into the most safe and complete mobile app for mountaineers and hikers.

Easily plan your mountain trails

Safemountain is a mobile app for iOS devices with which mountain enthusiasts can easily plan their trips. Users can get information about the trails and areas viewing them in a map, checking up points of interest and searching specific information about them, such as their description or the elevation profile, distance, incline and difficulty or time needed to complete it.

Apart from planning, Safemountain improves hikers and mountaineers safety providing them the information they need and allowing them to receive real-time alerts about the unexpected events they may find in their way.

In these notifications users can see a description, a photograph and the coordinates of the event. The users themselves send this information, so everyone can warn the rest users about the unexpected events they find and, at the same time, view in a map their position and the alerts sent by other users. 

Moreover, Safemountain maximizes the spreading of the trails and their unexpected events allowing the users to share them in the social networks.

All the information available offline

While hiking or climbing users find themselves in situations with low or even non-existing connectivity. This is why Safemountain allows users to view the routes, check alerts and points of interest up and use other functionalities offline. Moreover, in the event of wanting to send an alert and not having connectivity, the app would save it to send it as soon as the device detects an internet connection.

When connected to the internet, Safemountain refreshes automatically avoiding worries to the user. In case they need to update the information, they will always be able to check up the last point where the device had an internet connection, so they can come back to that exact point.

The most complete app, free in your iPhone

Knowing the environment and the possible unexpected events that may come up, can allow hikers and mountain climbers to do everything possible to keep themselves safe at any time, even if they have an internet connection or not.

Look after yourself and enjoy the mountain, Safemountain makes it easy for you!

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