Source: 30 October 2012

tweri at the III National Congress of CENTAC about accesible technologies

The mobile application for people with Alzheimer's disease was in the III National Congress celebrated by CENTAC to talk about accesible applications.

tweri, the geolocated mobile app for people affected by Alzheimer's disease, was invited to participate in the third National Congress about accesible technologies celebrated by CENTAC on October the 19th.

This congress tries to improve handicapped people and their caregivers' lives by using accesible technologies. This is the same aim as tweri's, which tries to get autonomy to people with Alzheimer's and peace of mind to the people who take care of them.

Represented by Jorge Ruiz Magaña, tweri participated in a talk about accesible applications with other people related to accesible technologies.

During the talk the participants discussed about the current state of accesible apps, business models and profitability, and also about its contribution to University.

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