Madrid - 2012 Miramusei

Miramusei, interactive museum guide for Android

This application offers information about the museum and its art pieces and allows the user's participation in his visit, turning it into a more attractive an complete experience

Miramusei, guía interactiva de museos para Android
Miramusei, guía interactiva de museos para Android

Miramusei tries to turn the visit to a museum into something new by using the new technologies to create a new way of understanding and experimenting arts.

This app, which version for Android devices has been developed by Solusoft, offers useful audio and video information about the pieces displayed in the museum and their authors, historical context and style. But there is something more: Miramusei wants the user to take part in his visit.

With this application the user can visit the museum through different routes, amongst which he can choose the one that best suits his likes, needs or preferences. Some routes go round the most curious facts of the museum, other allows to know the artistic information and there is even a gymkana for kids.

Moreover, any user can add his own contributions to the information offered by Miramusei, mark the pieces or share them with their friends in the social networks. This allows the user to take part in his visit.

Although the mobile device's battery is dead, Miramusei will still be running, so as the visit can continue even in those moments in which the smartphone is out of range.

By now you can download Miramusei for Lázaro Galdiano museum in Madrid or for the Alhambra in Granada from Google Play, although in the future more institutions will join the project.

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