Source: 17 June 2014

Thus we lived APIdays Mediterranea 2014

We make our début as speakers in APIdays Mediterranea, the conference that gathers the main companies, professionals and gurus of the API world.

After enjoying APIdays Mediterranea experience in 2013 we decided that we couldn't just absorbe everyone else's knowledge, so we came back this year to make our début as speakers in APIdays Barcelona so that we could start sharing all of our experience and know-how achieved during our years developing APIs.

There were Sergio Alcalde, Head of the R&D Department in solusoft, talking about APIs for mobile solutions and about context aware apps, the business of the future, and, with him, Manuel J. García, Research & development technician, who talked about facing the development: "API's Inferno".

If you were there and you would like to see again the presentations, you can visit our slideshare to see both, Sergio Alcalde's and Manuel J. García's slides as many times as you like. But, if you couldn't be there, don't miss the videos of their talks in our Youtube channel.

One of the reasons that turned APIdays Mediterranea 2014 into an unforgettable experience was sharing the stage with figures of great importance, such as Kin Lane, API evangelist, Romain Huet, developer on Twitter, or Leah Culver, from Dropbox, among many others. There we could also reencounter good friends like Daniel Cerecedo, associate on Byteflair, or Jorge Barrachina, co-founder of HTML5 Spain.

But we couldn't finish without mentioning the founder and CEO of Webshell, Mehdi Medjaoui, who provided us a fantastic welcome and friendly treat. Also Apicultur and their CEO, Eduardo Basterrechea, for their great work organising the event. And, of course, all the members of 3scale and specially their CEO, Steven Willmott, who were incredibly kind with us. Thanks for taking us in your offices, we can't thank you enough the pizza and the beer!

For all this and much more we are already waiting forward the next APIdays Mediterranea. By now we'll just relive the moment:

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