Source: Solusoft 26 July 2011

tweri Alzheimer Caregiver in now available in Android Market

The mobile application store for Android has now Tweri between his extensive catalog.

tweri Alzheimer Caregiver App
tweri Alzheimer Caregiver App

Tweri is the first application in spanish of the Android Market aimed at locating people with Alzheimer's.

The application has been developed by Solusoft as mobility solution that offers freedom and autonomy to the Alzheimer's and bring their caregivers calm in the early stages of the disease.

Tweri allows you to set safe limits, both geographical and temporal to when the person with Alzheimer's goes for a walk, to be always located. In the event that the limits are exceeded, the application automatically issues an alert to the caregiver or the person who has been established via email, stating this fact, alerting with the latest geographical position obtained by the device.

The novelty is that in case of loss of signal, because of a GPS connection failure or even because the phone's battery is down, the system also sends an alert to the caregiver notifing the device has spent time without notification position of the patient.

In use, the person with Alzheimer need only carry a mobile phone application installed, instead of avoiding expensive equipment or intrusive location external terminalsfor caregivers.

Tweri Alzheimer Caregiver is already available for downloading in the AppStore and the Android Market, the application is free for a limited time.

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