Madrid - 2010/11 CIAF

Order management with smartphones for CIAF

The best way of managing orders using only a smartphone.

Gestión de pedidos desde smartphones para Ciaf
Gestión de pedidos desde smartphones para Ciaf

CIAF is a company that distributes articles for smokers and has a huge sales departament which sells their products all over Spain. Due to this, it was necessary for CIAF to have a solution which allowed their sales to manage the orders out of the office.

The application that CIAF started to use is designed to be used in Windows Mobile PDAs and it is integrated with a3ERP. As a result, the orders done by the sales will appear also in the company's ERP.

Later, CIAF decided to update this system, so as their sales could manage the orders with their smartphones. This update was carried out by solusoft.

So as to the application was successful solusoft carried out a consultant work with CIAF with different stages:

- Studying the current system

- Analyzing avaliable technological architectures

- Defining the final technological architecture

- Testing the concept to check the usability and the costs of the project.

- Functional definition of the system.

- Application's prototype.

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