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rescataME, SOS mobile app

Thanks to rescataME, your mobile phone can be your best ally in case you are in a tight spot by warning your selected contacts.

rescataME working.
rescataME working.

If you suddenly find yourself in a tight spot, rescataME can become your best ally. This SOS mobile application for iPhone allows you to chase away the robbers by playing alert sounds on your smartphonr or, if you think it is necessary, providing your location to your contacts in case of trouble.

Once you have installed rescataME in your iPhone, the user can set the alarms and parameters in case of alarm, choosing between two different modes.

With the first mode, the user asks for help pressing a panic button. Then the app send e-mails with the location of the user regularly to some chosen contacts. Apart from this, rescataME will make a phone call to the emergency number and play a loud sound to chase away the attacker and, at the same time, attract someone who can help the person in trouble.

The second mode is a programmed request by which rescataME will wait until the user confirm he is OK from time to time. In case of not doing it, the alarm will be activated.

rescataME was developed in the first few months of the App Store's existance, from where it can still be downloaded for free. Since it was published in the Apple's mobile applications store,  it has been downloaded for users from a great amount of countries. rescataME was even chosen one of the best apps for 2012 in Emprendedores magazine.

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