Place: Carrer de Fontanella, 2. Barcelona

Date: 29 May 2014

Timetable: From 29 May 2014 (10:00) until 30 May 2014 (17:00)

APIdays Mediterranea

APIdays Mediterranea is back for another year to gather invertigators, big and not so big companies, developers, gurus, experts, novices and, in short, anyone who is interested in APIs and who pass by the south of the European continent.

This time it will be celebrated at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona, which will host during two days a great amount of conferences, talks, tutorials and other activities that will be centred in the APIs business and architecture development, the future of the internet, the Internet of Things and data exploitation.

solusoft will be represented by two members of our R&D team which will give two of the talks. The first of them will be given by Sergio Alcalde, Head of the R&D Departament, named 'APIs for mobile solutions. Context-aware apps, a business of the future'. The other conference, named 'Facing the development: APIs inferno' will be given by our R&D technician, Manuel J. García.

Are you an API geek? Don't miss it!

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