Source: 25 April 2014

Escolapp, the app that is reshaping communication at schools

The new mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones allows a smooth communication between schools and parents, solving the problems posed by traditional communication methods.

Escolapp mobile application.
Escolapp mobile application.

If you are a mother, a father or you are in charge of a boy or girl, you may have felt lost by the school informations more than once. The feeling of not knowing what is going on is quite frequent among the parents, and ESCOLAPP team, formed by professionals with extended experience in technology and education, was aware of this issue.

To solve this issue they have created a mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones in collaboration with solusoft that solves the many problems that pose the school calendar and other traditional methods by using a system with which the school can be in constant contact with the parents.

By a few taps on the display parents can check the calendar, homework, extracurricular activities and many other informations about any of their enrolled kids. Moreover the centre itself can send notifications at any time to keep the parents constantly informed.

All this without forgetting that teachers, who really have first-hand information about the kids, can also send notifications to the parents at any time -for example, when they are on a day trip. 

Are you ready for the revolution? Download Escolapp on Google Play or on iTunes and check the public profiles of the schools registered.

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