April 2015 Arrabe Asesores

New design for the new app of Arrabe Asesores

The new mobile application of Arrabe Asesores eases users the access to the latest news about the company and its business field.

Arrabe Asesores mobile app.
Arrabe Asesores mobile app.

The company Arrabe Asesores, specializes in business consultory within the Accounting, Tax, Labor, Judicial and Legal sectors, has launched a renewed version of its mobile app, developed by solusoft's team. 

Totally renewed, the new app of Arrabe Asesores aims to enable the access to the latest news of the company and its business field. Through this tool, users can consult the location of the offices of the company, request quotes, alerts and view a list of related economic and business sector events.

Another advantage of this app is the ability to directly access to the oficial website of the company, created with the online content manager Distineo.

With over fifty years of experience behind them, Arrabe Asesores remains committed to innovation and new technologies, always looking for optimization and efficiency of its services. In 2011, the first version of the mobile app was already included in the famous list of "100 best ideas of the year" by the magazine Actualidad Económica.

With the redesign of this application, Arrabe Asesores aims to improve the communication with its customers and expand its reach to a more specialized audience. The new interface offers a more modern and care design that aims to optimize the user experience.

This application, available for free from Google Play and Apple Store, is built using the cross-platform technology, so it has a design adapted to both iOS devices and Android.


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