Madrid - 2014 ESCOLAPP

Escolapp. Mobile solution for communication between parents and educational centers

solusoft has created a mobile app using various technologies that achieves a more fluid and constant communication between parents and educational centers.

With more than 25 years of experience in education and the new technologies sectors, ESCOLAPP was born with the aim of improving educational processes through technology.

Thanks to this extended experience, ESCOLAPP detected a problem in the efficiency of communications between parents and educational centers and, to solve that, has counted on the help of solusoft. Between both teams they created Escolapp, a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones that substitutes the traditional school diary.

With this app, avaliable in App Store and Google Play apps markets, the mother, father or responsible of the child can keep track at any time about the information about the educational center -calendar, out-of-school activities, parent's association...- and also that one related to their own child or children, such as homework, day trips, warnings...These notifications can be sent at any time by the center, so that whatever it happens, parents can be informed.

Teachers have can also send notifications to parents. For example, in case they are in a day trip with the children, he or she can take a picture and send in to the parents, who will have it avaliable inmediately in their smartphones.

If a non registered user dowloads the app, he can only check the public information of the educational center. Escolap is totally safe and keep the data private.

Morevover the system of the app is complemented by a BackOffice Web system from which educational centres can manage the information of the communication with the parents.

Apart from iOS and Android we have use other technologies to develop Escolapp, which are Widows Azure, SQL Server and ASP.NET.

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