Source: Gestiona Radio 21 May 2014

We talk about Tweri in the Spanish broadcaster Gestiona Radio

The Spanish radio program invited Tweri as one of the 50 best mHealth apps in Spanish to participate in their talk show with the representative of other apps included in the report.

The Spanish broadcaster Gestiona Radio invited us to participate in their talk show En clave de sanidad to talk about Tweri, our mobile app for people with Alzheimer's disease and one of the 50 best mHealth apps in Spanish, according to the report recently published by The App Date.

Jorge Ruiz, product manager of Tweri, Fernando Dal-Re, co-founder of Neomed, the social network for doctors; Antonio González, CEO of Wake app health, an mHealtd apps editorial and Carlos Guardiola, from Medianet, the company that develloped the educational app Kids beating asthma constituted the table.

The debate revolved around the relationship between technology and health, what will happen with this link in the future and with problems are stalking it. Listen to this and other topics in the full audio (Spanish): 

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