Source: 9 October 2012

Miramusei avaliable for Android, the new way of visiting museums with your smartphone

The app offers information about the works of art and their authors, historical context and style apart from allowing the user to personalize his visit and participate with his comments.

Miramusei, the new application that has created a new way of visiting museums and understanding their artistic and cultural contents, is now avaliable for Android devices.

This app, which version for Android smartphones has been developed by Solusoft, shows the user audio and video details of the pieces and their author, context and style. This information can be expanded by the users, who can also mark the wors of art or share them with their friends in different social networks, making his experience more interactive.

Moreover, the user can choose different routes to visit the museum, depending on his needs, preferences or likes.

By now, Miramusei is avaliable in Google Play for Lázaro Galdiano museum in Madrid and the Alhambra in Granada, but it is planned that soon new artistic institutions join the project.

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