Source: 26 June 2014

Android, more context-aware than ever

Google I/O, the yearly conference in which the Mountain View giant presents its novelties, came back full of surprises and we wanted to live it in the best company: surrounded by GDG Madrid, the group of developers of the firm in Madrid.

We had been one year waiting, but yesterday the long wait was over. One more year Google I/O conference brought us a whole lot of novelties that we couldn't miss, so we decided to live it in the best atmosphere: surrounded by the GDG Madrid, the group of developers of the Mountain View company in the Spanish capital.

One of the most expected novelties was Android Wear, the version of Google's operative system for wearable gadgets, only avaliable for watches by now. Shortly after, arrived the first smartwatches: Samsung Gear Live and Motorola's Moto 360, on which we have developed our first app for smartwatches. All of this made it clear that context-awareness is becoming more and more important.

Google is more determined than ever to integrate gadgets in our routine. In its keynote, the Internet giant introduced Android TV and Android Auto, which, together with Android Wear, will guarantee all of our gadgets to be unique, adapted to each one of us and context-aware.

Context-awareness acquires a whole new meaning with Android Auto. With Google's operative system adapted to our cars, apps will be able to offer the user the solution he needs at that precise moment thanks to the information it gets from the environment.

One of the main novelties was the new version of Android. The still known with the code name of Android L will bring us a totally renewed designed, a new style named "Material Design", much more clean and visual and organised into cards.

Thus, Google leaves us keen to keep discovering their novelties and, above all, to innovate and find out the huge amount of possibilities they have.

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