Source: 3 March 2014

The mobile technology of the future at a glance in the Mobile World Congress

Barcelona hosts one more year the Mobile World Congress, the world biggest mobile technology fair.

La entrada al Mobile World Congress.
La entrada al Mobile World Congress.

This year the Mobile World Congress beated its own record to definitely become the world biggest mobile technology fair. Around 85.000 people went to the Fira Gran Vía in Barcelona during the fair, 18% more than the last edition.

And among these visitors there was solusoft, who could participate in this unforgettable experience to live personally mobile technology novelties and, at the same time, learn from the other participants and share our experience and know-how.

The most heard words this year were wearable technology with gadgets that you can wear, such as watches, bracelets or necklaces among other possibilities. Other trends are 6 inches smartphones, cheaper mobile phones, affordable for everyone,  mobile payment or the so called internet of things.

All this resulted in a more than positive experience in which we learnt from the small and the big ones while we shared our own mobility solutions, showing to the world our own view of the future.

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