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Have you ever been afraid when going into dangerous neighbourhoods or deserted areas?

Are you concerned that something may happen to you when you go for a walk in the country?

Would you like to be able to locate the people you care for if they do not come home when expected?

rescueME will provide you with greater peace of mind and protection.

Download it now and find out for yourself!

  • TO PREVENT ASSAULTS: Activate the application when entering dangerous or unfamiliar areas and you will be able to press the alarm button in the event of a hypothetical assault (burglary, kidnapping, rape...). Your iPhone will then emit a strong deterrent acoustic signal and alert the recipients you have previously configured by transmitting your position, and repeating the alerts periodically thereafter.
  • SOLITARY EXCURSIONS: If you go into the country to pick wild mushrooms, to go fishing, to practice sport... you can set rescueME so that it waits for twenty minutes, for example, until you press the button to confirm you are well. In the event of any incident, even if you become unconscious, once the said twenty minutes have elapsed without confirming you are well, your iPhone will transmit the distress messages configured, indicating your location.
  • ALZHEIMER PATIENTS: In the early stages of this disease, people may become confused and have trouble finding their way home. With rescueME, you can set the application to transmit a person's location if that person has not arrived home by the time expected.
  • SAFETY AT WORK: You are alone and you have to perform a dangerous task (on a ladder, access a well...). If you have not returned after a few minutes ... S.O.S! Your iPhone will alert that you may be in danger!

This rescue application presents two operating modes (including alarms and parameters that can be configured by the user)

  • Direct request for assistance - The alarm goes off when you press a panic button. rescueME instantly sends an email message indicating your position to a number of pre-established recipients and then immediately calls the emergency number, while producing a strident sound at the same time. From that moment and until further notice, it will send regular updates indicating the position of the device.
  • Programmed request, if not deactivated - The application is activated and waits for the user to confirm that he/she is well at pre-established intervals. If you do not confirm that you are well, rescueME will trigger the alarm and all the mechanisms described in the previous operational mode. This operating mode is not available in this version of rescueME.

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