Source: Solusoft 14 February 2011

CIAF trust in Solusoft to upgrade to smartphones their trade ordering system

CIAF, a company specializing in items for the smoker, with brands such as Tar Gard, Limus and Dr. Gard, has selected Solusoft for consultancy work to enable the technological updating of the current smartphone devices mobility system for commercial orders .

logotipo de CIAF
logotipo de CIAF

Within the framework of its strategic plan, CIAF has begun updating its technology PDA ordering system using the latest smartphone devices.

With the advent of mobile devices such iPhone, Android and Windows Phone recent open a large range of possibilities for updating the management system CIAF orders, based on previous Windows PDA technology.

CIAFhas relied on
Solusoft the consulting engagements to determine what solution is the most suitable technology to print their mobile business system, taking into account all the variables involved: the cost of terminals, communication costs, ease and speed in handling application, cost balancing solution, etc.

The consultancy work has been divided into several stages:

• Study the current system.

• Analysis of available technology architectures.

• Definition of the final technical architecture.

Proof of concept with which to validate the usability and cost of communications.

• Definition and fully functional prototype application.

Thanks to this technological upgrade CIAF can automate processes and save time in updating and receipt of orders, with consequent cost savings that entails.

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