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Urbagis, web app for managing fire risk prevention

The new information system developed by solusoft for Sinergis in collaboration with Esri Spain allows City Council technicians to easily manage fire risk prevention thanks to a fully optimized user experience.

Urbagis: web viewer to manage fire risk prevention.
Urbagis: web viewer to manage fire risk prevention.

For more than 25 years Sinergis Enginyeria has been involved in engineering and consultancy around environmental, industrial, forest, energy efficiency and climate change issues all around Spain for individuals and companies, both public and private.

One of the many services provided by Sinergis stands out from the rest due to its relevance. It is the preparation of the Municipal Plans for the Prevention of Fire Risks, which is done using ArcGIS Online, the Geographic Information System supplied by Esri. This tool is used by Sinergis to identify the plots and their associated data (area, surface, status...) in a map, making the management of fire risk prevention procedures easier.

Nevertheless, ArcGIS Online was designed to be used by experienced users, which means an entry barrier for those City Council technicians who perform this work and don't have the required knowledge to manage ArcGIS Online fluently.

This problem required a solution that enhanced user experience. This is why Sinergis and Esri Spain entrusted the task of developing a web system which turned ArcGIS Online into an user-friendly tool to solusoft. The final result is Urbagis, a web app that allows City Council technicians to easily and quickly access the information provided by ArcGIS Online.

Using Urbagis users can access a web dashboard just by signing in with an user and a password given by Sinergis. Then, technicians will see the data on a map, in which they can also consult the administrative procedures associated to each plot. For this, there is an information filter that has been created according to the concepts used by the technicians in their daily work.

Moreover, Urbagis allows to export the data to PDF or Excel files as tables. This way the technicians can easily integrate this information into the City Council's computer procedures.

To elaborate this project solusoft has used not only ArcGIS Online technologies, but also Microsoft ASP.NET and Javascript.

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