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Do you want your relatives to be calmed while you are on a trip on the road? Would you like to keep calmed when your beloved ones are traveling by car or motorbike? tweri on Road has the solution as near as your smartphone is.

tweri on Road is a mobile application developed by solusoft which offers peace of mind to relatives and friends while their beloved ones are driving.

tweri on Road warns about the driver’s location without making any calls, avoiding the driver to use his mobile phone while he is driving. The app sends an e-mail to the relative or friend selected, so as to warn him about the user’s location.

As we all are aware about the road’s dangers, tweri on Road wants to make people to be calmed when their beloved ones are on a trip by motorbike or car. This app is avaliable for Android and iPhone and allows the user to warn periodically to his beloved ones about his location. There are two ways of monitoring the user’s trip. With the first one tweri on Roadwill automatically send an e-mail every few minutes. In the other way is the user who decide when to send the warning by touching the screen.

Every time tweri on Road sends a warning, it sends an e-mail to the person selected by the driver attaching the mobile phone’s location and a link to a map.

Furthermore, if the app detects an extended stop, it will warn the relative of friend about this situation, notifying by e-mail the last known position and attaching a link to a map. tweri on Road is able to warn about a risky situation even if the mobile phone has no GPS signal or its battery is dead thanks to the server software, which will send the relative or friend an e-mail with the last position known.

This app also can also control the speed: the user can establish a maximum speed and, when it is exceeded, tweri on Road will send an acoustic signal, so as to alert the driver.

Moreover, tweri on Road has a speedometer which can be used in a ‘mirror mode’. With this mode on, if the driver place the smartphone on the car’s dashboard at night, he will see the speed reflected in the windscreen, so he won’t have to take off his eyes from the road.

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