Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management - Mobility in store | siteMApps The management of picking orders in real time.

Prepare orders for stock in real time with the help of two devices: a PC application, from which orders are handled / or orders of picking, and a web application for mobile devices from which to collect and distribute the products constituting orders.

The system is developed with .NET technology and uses SQL Server as database system. It works fully integrated with the accounting and commercial managament of ERP Nexus, allowing you to automatically track the generation of offers, orders, slips or invoices in real time.

With Warehouse Management you can:

  • View sales orders made since the Nexus ERP and choose which of them will pick up from the store.
  • Manage the collection and distribution of products through a mobile device with barcode reader.
  • Display at all times the progress made with picking orders.
  • ERP generation of the slips collected and distributed orders.

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Warehouse Management - Mobility in store | siteMApps

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